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Biomilab provides academic scientists and research institutions with the technical expertise needed to be part of today’s revolution in biomedicine and bioscience research. Working with new faculty, established scientists, or research institutions, we can plan, perform, and interpret experiments that accelerate productivity, help clients more successfully compete for funding, publish ground-breaking results, and expand their research programs.

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New Investigators

A new lab can take years to acquire the infrastructure and personnel needed to become fully productive. Let Biomilab "jump start" your new group and help you get the results and funding you need in two years instead of five.

Established Investigators

Now more than ever, it is crucial for established labs to incorporate new cutting-edge methods and techniques into their research to grow their programs and maintain funding streams. Biomilab can help you bring new directions to your science without diverting resources and personnel from areas of continuing study.

Departments and Institutions

Working with administrators and scientists, Biomilab can boost productivity by acting as a "remote core" for your department or institution by providing bioscience services, expertise, and consultation.

Our Services


Our team of scientists acts as a "virtual" post-doc, placing emphasis on bench-level experimentation.


Let us take part of the workload. We help teams cover critical components to move grants and projects closer to their goals.


For departments or institutions, we can operate as a "remote" core facility, providing a specific class of service or broadening technical capacity to fit the needs of the group.


"Rigor and reproducibility" has become increasingly difficult to maintain with the pace of modern bioscience research. Biomilab can review designs, data, results and interpretation to ensure your laboratory, department, or institution meets accepted standards.

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