We achieve "aha" moments.

Founded in 2014, Biomilab is a unique hybrid business that combines the fee-for-service function of a Contract Research Organization (CRO) with in-house R&D aimed at discovering and developing new innovative research tools, reagents, and methods to advance biosciences, medicine, and AgBio.  What differentiates Biomilab from most (if not all) CRO's is our exclusive focus on academic and non-profit clients and our open-ended, dynamic contract that fluctuates to meet client’s needs.

We are expert collaborators, specializing in the skills you need to keep projects moving in the right direction and at the right speed. We can design experiments, gather data, and provide the data needed to get you closer to achieving your research objectives.

Biomilab senior scientists have more than six decades of combined experience in bench-level bioscience research and experimentation with special emphasis on neuroscience, molecular biology, developmental biology, stem cells, toxicology, animal sciences, genetics, gene therapy, and the molecular basis of disease.  Our scientists have earned doctorates, received post-doctoral training, or held academic posts at world-class institutions including the University of California San Diego, The Salk Institute, Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, Northwestern University, The University of Kansas, Wayne State University, The University of Michigan, and Michigan State University.

Biomilab is a "gig economy" solution to providing individual laboratories and research institutions with advanced technical assistance while avoiding many of the complications and costs associated with adapting to the ever-changing bioscience research landscape.

At Biomilab, we achieve "aha" moments for our partners by providing a knowledgeable team of collaborators dedicated to helping your group discover the next breakthrough in their research.