We're not like the rest.


Biomilab has the resources and experience to meet your particular needs. We provide comprehensive, on-going support for projects of any scale, either through frequent communication or working autonomously depending on your style. Tell us your aims and we'll plan a strategy -- within your boundaries --  that meets project goals. We'll work diligently to deliver timely results and bring new ideas and directions to your research.

Cost Effective

Biomilab is dedicated to helping advance bioscience research despite a tough funding climate for academic scientists. We make the cost of doing research affordable for everyone with our flat, monthly fee that is scaled to your needs. By keeping overhead costs low we can often meet client objectives with few additional charges for specialized consumables such as antibodies, growth factors, and enzymes. Although project expenses differ, our preference is to have no costs other than our flat fee on your monthly invoice.


Bringing Biomilab on-board your project is easy! After agreeing on the level of collaboration that you need, we work with your administration to establish the terms of employment using a service agreement accepted by most investigators and institutions. Most clients set up a PO with their purchasing department that covers the cost of the full term plus 5-10% for special supplies (depending on the project) and we directly invoice your purchasing department each month until the end of the term. With most agreements, if you are at any time dissatisfied with your Biomilab service, you can stop service with just 30 days notice.


Unlike many partnerships, your relationship with Biomilab will always remain confidential. You retain full ownership of the data produced for your project and control all aspects of publication and disclosure. In most regards, your relationship with Biomilab will be very similar to working with colleagues and collaborators at your own institution.