We wear many hats.

Biomilab scientists are experienced in most of the techniques and methods typical of modern eukaryotic biology research laboratories. with special emphasis on neuroscience, molecular biology, developmental biology, stem cells, toxicology, animal sciences, genetics, gene therapy, and the molecular basis of disease. If we lack the experience for a particular project, we'll work hard to acquire the knowledge and techniques needed to achieve your project goals. A primary objective of our company is to become the most scientifically diverse collective possible so that we can bring both experience and a fresh perspective to any project comes through the door.


In most cases, Biomilab scientists work on your project as "virtual" post-docs, bringing decades of knowledge and experience with hands-on bench science to your experimental objectives. We perform your experiments at our facility, gather and interpret the data, and report back to you to determine where to go next. Although bench-level experimentation is our strength, we're at our best when we contribute to all aspects of a project.


If you are struggling to find a collaborator for your grant or are simply tired of outside collaborators who get a big piece of the pie but bring little to final product, Biomilab is a cost-effective alternative. We can provide expertise just as a collaborator would, participate in the planning and writing of grant applications, and serve as project personnel. With some clients, we are written into the grant as collaborators or key personnel and serve on the projects for the duration of the award. With Biomilab as your collaborator, your project is always a priority and you retain full control of all aspects of the work.

Biomilab can also work with an individual PIs or larger group to design experiments, find new applications for technology, assist with administrative objectives, and other non-experimental objectives. For example, Biomilab may be brought in to help supervise junior scientists in their research when busy clients are preoccupied with other duties such as clinical work. We can read, write, edit, and critique for an individual investigator or an entire institution depending on need.


We can assist departmental and institutional subscribers by functioning as a "remote" core, providing a specific type of research service (e.g. iPS production, Crispr/HITI design and implementation, plasmid design and construction, viral vectors). We can also act in a more technical advisory capacity (i.e. cell or molecular biology) to facilitate research and collaboration among multiple faculty members.  


The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has recently implemented policies to uphold rigor and reproducibility; in bioscience research. Biomilab can act as an independent examiner and reviewer of experimental designs, data, and interpretation to ensure that your project meets evolving standards. For departmental or institutional subscribers, we can do as little as review data for manuscripts in preparation, or as much as provide independent replication of whole experiments to confirm or refute findings. Our evaluation services will help subscribers perform reproducible studies and provide rigorous analysis that meet and exceed the guidelines of granting agencies such as the NIH, NSF, and USDA.

Looking for something you don't see?

Biomilab is actively looking for new ways to assist clients. Send all work requests our way!