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Biomilab subscribers generally fit within four categories: New Investigators, Established Laboratories, Departments and Institutions.

New Investigators

Biomilab scientists work one-on-one with new PIs to provide the consultation and research needed to move new projects forward quickly.

  • Biomilab benefits early-stage investigators the most by focusing on proof-of-principle experiments that provide the preliminary data needed to bring in that first big grant.
  • We provide the infrastructure and experienced personnel that give your project a strong start while you adapt to your new duties as a principal investigator.
  • Even though we may be geographically distant from your laboratory, we can still work by e-mail, phone, and video chat with your new students and post-docs to help them learn new techniques and overcome technical hurdles.
  • To date, Biomilab New Investigator clients obtain their first extramural award within 15 months of starting Biomilab service.

Established Labs

Biomilab can facilitate the integration of new expertise, technology, and innovation into established research programs and help minimize the risk of over-diversification. Some of the ways in which Biomilab can assist senior PIs include:

  • Perform as a temporary replacement for graduating students or other personnel to get a project completed on schedule.
  • Act as a temporary replacement for senior personnel or Pls, if duties outside of the lab (e.g. clinical duties, medical leave, sabbatical) are limiting participation in day-to-day experiments.
  • As a "built-in" collaborator. ¬†With Biomilab managing one aspect of your project, you control the focus and direction of experiments, authorship and publication, intellectual property, and all other aspects of the collaboration for a simple monthly fee.

Departments and Small Research Groups

Biomilab provides in-depth consultation and support to departments or small groups of PIs (such as a P01 group) working on a shared project or field. Uses include:

  • Providing incoming faculty with consultation and bench work to give projects a strong start.
  • Providing independent "rigor and reproducibility" analysis.
  • Functioning as go-to collaborators where there is a gap in technology.
  • Acting as a remote technical "core" facility (e.g. recombinant virus production, stem/iPS cell culture, bioinformatics) to departmental staff.


Institutional subscriptions are ideal for schools, colleges, or universities that seek a more comprehensive and long-term commitment to expanding academic programs. We foster the sharing of ideas, reagents, and equipment, while also establishing in-house resources to help institutions sustainably grow their bioscience programs long-term.

Institutions subscriptions may be administered as off-site core facilities, offices, or training locations dedicated to performing a specific task. Uses of Institutional subscriptions include:

  • Performing specific technical tasks (e.g. Vector construction or CRISPR/HITI core).
  • Assisting and consulting in a broad discipline (e.g. Eukaryotic cell culture core).
  • Helping researchers comply with institutional or governmental guidelines¬†(e.g. independent Office of "Rigor and Reproducibility").
  • Providing a facility for extended training of institutional personnel in a specific area of study (e.g. iPS cell characterization and culture, establishment of primary cell type, genomic modification to produce in vitro models of human disease).